project NORTH is an architectural practice and a construction management firm that focuses on creative and simple solutions for the design and construction of your project.  Our focus on sustainable design and construction methods is integrated into all our processes. We never lose sight of the main goals of all our projects  - to create designs that are beautiful, simple, functional and cost effective to build and maintain.

project NORTH was established in 2009 by licensed architect Joseph Remick.

The inspiration for the practice is to design and build elegant, sustainable, healthy, and cost effective projects in a practical manner and with little ego.

Construction is a hard endeavor. Schedules and costs are difficult to control without careful planning and constant management. By collaborating with our clients during both the design and construction phases of a project, we help make decisions to get the best value out of every dollar spent.

Building or renovating a home is an undertaking most of us will do only once, but the rewards of such a journey are great.

Living in a smart and healthy home - tailored to your unique needs and location - adds deep value to your everyday experience... and your life.

The mission of project NORTH is to be your trusted guide - a compass - to navigate the design and construction process for your project and shape the journey into an elegant, exciting and rewarding experience.